The objects in this installation ultimately found their place together as pieces on a game board. They are a combination of abstract bodies and  concrete shapes recognizable as a face, an elephant, a hand etc. As I moved the pieces around they formed an arrangement which made sense: a collection of animals, surrounding a human figure venture into space in a static timeless pose. They seem to conjure up archeological remains from an age that is past and future all at once; they bubbled out of a mixture of influences, times, styles , creeds and narratives.

The drawings happened during the time I was working on the sculptures. They are a counterpart to the solid assertion of the object. The drawings exist in a world that seems to make sense within the imagination, a world in which the meaning of an object dissolves into an essence which seems recognizable. I was searching for an experience similar to probing the bottom of the ocean where all sorts of fascinating creatures move slowly around - having been there since the beginning of time, out of where we swam -  a world to which we no longer belong but one we know so well.



Miguel Cárdenas 2013